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My interview with Ahren Sanders

Publié par Léatitia

Hi there !


Today, I'm glad to share with you an interview with Ahren Sanders. I got to know her thanks to the Intrigue Anthology and I loved her novella a lot ! Then I received an ARC of her new released novel : Smokescreen. Again, I really enjoyed it ! I invite you to read my review and buy this Romance novel. Ahren Sanders writes contemporary romance and here is your chance to get to know about her work.

When I love a book and an author, you know what happen? I ask them to make an interview with me and Ahren agreed. So here it is ! 


1) My first question for you is something I always love to know about authors : how did you know you wanted to be a writer? Tell us, what is your story?


I did not always want write. It was a desire I picked up in 2012. I have always been an avid reader, and spent countless hours with my nose in a book. My taste was varied, reading almost all genre’s. That started to change when I discovered contemporary romance. Books became my only pastime outside of my family. I couldn’t read fast enough. Sometimes, I’d finish 20 books in a week trying to devour new releases and new authors. Somewhere along the way, my mind created my first couple and their crazy group of friends in Surrendering (Surrender Series #1). This book was truly for me, but with the Indie market opening and accepting new authors, I decided to take a chance and publish it. That’s what started this all …


2) What do you love the most about writing? And about writing Romance? Is there a genre you'd like to try or you read more?


I love how the story unfolds in my mind and can take the direction I want. All of my characters have a little piece of me and my life in them. Since I enjoy reading romance, it is natural for me to write it. If I had to choose another genre to read, it would probably be mystery and suspense- but it would have to have spice and steam!


3) Regarding all of the books you've written and published, which one are you the most proud of ? If you had to chose, which one would you love to see made into a movie?


I would probably say that I am most proud of Surrendering because it was the first book I hit publish. It was such a nerve-wracking and intimidating experience. Reed’s Reckoning would most likely be the best choice for a movie. It’s a standalone, second chance love story.


4) Unfortunatly, I haven't had the chance to read all of your stories yet, besides Finding our Way from the Anthology Intrigue, so could you say a few words that would sum up your other work? (Surrender series and Reed's Reckoning.)


My Surrender Series, Surrendering and Surviving, is very close to my heart. Not only was it my first shot at writing, but the characters were so fun! Bringing the rocker, bad-boy and quintessential good girl together through an intense love affair full of challenges was a discovery process to me.


Reed’s Reckoning is a second chance love story. The characters were torn apart through lies and deceit and come back together 4 years later. My hope is that I portrayed the intense young love affair of two college students who must overcome obstacles to find their way again.


5) About Smokescreen, where did you find inspiration? How do you feel about writing two POV? What was the most fun or/and the most complicated about writing Smokescreen?


I’m not really sure where my inspiration comes from. My stories just grow in my head. I love writing in dual POV. It gives me the chance to portray the emotional cycles both characters have during the plot.

While writing Smokescreen, it was hard build up the emotional and sexual relationship with Max & Stella without actual sex.


6) Whitout telling too much, do you think your characters inherited some of your qualities and/or flaws? If yes, which one?


Yes, I think that when writing my female characters, including the secondary ones, a piece of me is in them. Both good and bad qualities are present. For example, in Smokescreen, Stella repeatedly tells Max that she’s not a morning person. That is me!


7) At the end of Smokescreen, how would like you readers to feel (besides happy they picked up your book, of course) ?


I’d like to know that the emotional connection was clear and believable.


8) Last question : what can you advice to an “aspiring writer”?


Write the stories you want to write. Whether you enjoy taboo, angst, erotica, HEA, love triangles, etc- don’t let others influence your stories. This industry is very hard and as more and more indie authors publish their work, the pool of readers have more choices. So find a style and stick to it. It’s much easier to stand by your work and be proud if it came from the heart and imagination than if you are writing for others.



A big thank you to Ahren Sanders for this great interview. I hope you liked it and will check Ahren Sanders Facebook Page


Happy reading ! 

(Surrender #1)


(Surrender #2)





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