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Books we ALL should be reading: Amanda's guide to love by Alix Nichols

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Helloooo everyone! 


What are you reading? Will you be getting books for Valentine's day? 

If, just like me, it's going to be a day to celebrate your celibacy, you may want to add romance to it. What's better than a love story full of sweet, hot and fun moments? A true and beautiful romance? I know a few very good authors who can make your heart melt and forget about a rainy and lonely day so easily! Alix Nichols is one of them. I fell deeply in love with the two books I read by her, Falling for Emma and Winter's gift (you can find the reviews on this blog!), and I love recommanding her books. Firstly because she's a very talented, kind and generous person. Secondly because she lives in France, loves Paris maybe as much as I do. 


So here I am, telling you about Alix, and her new novel : Amanda's Guide to Love. I'm dying to read it but because I have to wait, it doesn't mean you have to, right? This new Romance is a part of a book series called Bistro La Bohème. I'm sure you're going to enjoy this romantic comedy set in Paris. 





"Parisian career woman Amanda Roussel lives in denial of her desperate loneliness. Gypsy gambler Kes Moreno knows he’s in trouble when he falls for Amanda after a one-night stand. Can he convince the snarky belle they’re right for each other?

Set in France, this joyously sexy take on Taming of the Shrew will delight fans of romantic comedy. 

The Bistro La Boheme books are rom coms with an edge, a good deal of spice, and heroes you won't want to forget. In addition, each book can be read as a standalone. Hey, who says you can't have it all? Gentle reader, don't listen to naysayers! You absolutely can, because you're worth it."




About the author:


Alix Nichols is an unapologetic caffeine addict and a longtime fan of Mr. Darcy, especially in his Colin Firth incarnation. She is a bestselling author of romantic comedies set in Paris. At the age of six, she released her first rom com. It featured highly creative spelling on a dozen pages stitched together and bound in velvet paper. Decades later, she still loves the romance genre. Her spelling has improved (somewhat), and her books have made Amazon Top 100 lists, climbing as high as #1. She lives in France with her family and their almost-human dog.

**For exclusive giveaways, excerpts, and special offers subscribe to the monthly newsletter on her author website:www.alixnichols.com and connect with her on Facebook.



Happy reading!

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Linda @ love quotes 03/12/2016 08:46

Nice information. I will definitely get one.

Megan 30/10/2016 17:08

the first book sounds so exciting !! ..i really want to buy it

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