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Smokescreen by Ahren Sanders

Publié par Léatitia


by Ahren Sanders 


Stella Sullivan

Bright. Dedicated. Loyal.

The day I walked into his boardroom, I had no idea my life was about to change forever. It was supposed to be a simple proposal that would catapult my career. The chance to help Hurst & McCoy save one of their flailing business lines seemed simple enough. However, I never expected that one look at Maxwell McCoy would have me grasping for control. He’s demanding, charming, powerful; most of all he’s beautiful, inside and out. As hard as I fought against the attraction, he broke down my defenses. But he’s hiding things. Even when secrets, lies, and greed threaten everything I have worked so hard for, I couldn’t walk away. There’s no denying, the moment my eyes landed on Maxwell McCoy was the moment I became his.

Maxwell McCoy

Rich. Brilliant. Powerful.

People only see me as CEO of Hurst & McCoy. The ruthless businessman whose mere presence demands respect. People don’t know I chose to leave a life I loved in order to protect my father’s legacy and reputation. When my company’s future was threatened, I had no choice but to seek assistance. The day Stella Sullivan walked into my boardroom was the day my heart started beating again. One business proposal, from the topaz-eyed beauty, changed my life. She tried to deny our unyielding chemistry, but I wouldn’t. I should let her go, but I didn’t.

The smokescreen I created soon comes crashing down, forcing me to fight for everything I love.

*Due to graphic language and explicit sexual situations, this book is recommended for readers 18+.


There was a lightning in the room and the story started. When Max and Stella met, I just knew I would love the story. And I did very much. I took my time to read Smokescreen and that's a good thing cause I was able to savour it until the last word. I was also busy but every night it was a real delight to open the book and read more about Max and Stella' story. I could recommand this novel just by telling you what a sweet, funny and hot escape it was.


One of my favorite quotes :

"Your heartbeat is the lifeline to mine. Nothing and no one will ever know the depths of my love and adoration for you." Max


How can you not be melting, literally, when you read this? Right?

Now I'm glad to continue my review by talking about the character who stole my heart from the beginning : Maxwell McCoy. But before, let me tell you I'm surprised I love him this much. He is not the book boyfriend I prefer, I prefer them less control freak and less bossy. Which Max was all the way. But it was okay, it made him really interesting. And it would be wrong to forget to tell about his soft spot, his tenderness and his big heart. His charisma is of course very attractive but there's so much behind this handsome and sexy CEO. If you don't fall for him like I did, let's say we can't be friend ! And what about the way he sees his Bella (Stella's nickname)? That's definitly a turn on ! I loved everything about him, therefore, you need to meet him !


"There's a buzzing inside my soul that's been here since the first time I saw her." Max

Let's talk about Stella Sullivan, the lucky one ! I like her too. She's determined, tough and funny. At first, you'd think their relationship wouldn't work because she's independent and likes her freedom. But you remember the lightning? After they first met, she couldn't just walk away and resist Max. It was too late, how could she let this budding love waste away?


"I can't imagine you being anything else but passionate and loving." Stella


But of course, things are never meant to be easy. This story shows a love worth fighting for and I assure you, you will want to know how it ends. Not just because the two main characters are touching and interesting, to say the least, but also because it's intense and well written.


"A single tear falls down her cheek and I catch it with my lips. No words are needed." Max


While reading Smokescreen, I thought it was like watching a movie. I loved the mystery  and the investigation, how everythings made perfectly sense but as a reader, you get to investigate too. There are true vilains and actions. You can't get bored !

You get great descriptions, funny, beautiful and intense dialogues. You also keep turning the pages because you absolutly love how the story is developped. I really enjoyed the second characters too : Lacy is so the best friend you want to keep in your life after High School. She brought lightness and helped getting even more Stella. The two of them are pretty awesome ! If you add Max's POV, you feel really close to Stella.


"Everything about you makes me comfortable." Stella to Max

Well, one of the things I loved, is the two POV. Usually I adore seeing a story from two different POV but here it was perfect and efficient. The last few chapters were so intense ! So yeah, I liked this pace. But of course, as I mentionned earlier, Max captured my heart. So I truly enjoyed putting myself in his shoes. And obvisously, this love story wouldn't be the same without his POV. It was amazing ! Well done !


There were also beautiful and tender pictures of family, friendship, love and... hotness ! I could sense and taste the unovoidable, strong and deep chemistry between Max and Stella. Their little corps à corps were pretty funny, demonstrative, loving and of course hot as fire !


"Can you handle that, Bella? Can you handle knowing I'll claim you as my own and you'll unquestionably be mine?" Max


Without telling too much, I have to say I really enjoyed the end of the book. It was  satisfying and I found everything I hoped for. Again, well done !

I feel like I told you pretty much everything you need to know about Smokescreen. I let you discover this must read and I hope you follow my advice and pick up Ahren Sander's new book. You won't regret it !

I got this ARC for an honest review so here it is : YOU HAVE TO READ SMOKESCREEN !

Ps: that was coming from my book lover's heart.

Happy reading !

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