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Intrigue Anthology release !

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INTRIGUE Anthology




USA Today Best-Selling Author Andrea Smith, Amazon Best-Selling Author S.R. Grey, Eva LeNoir, Amber Nation, Ahren Sanders and Leigh Ann Lunsford





What you need to know :


Intrigue (Intrigue Anthology) ~ ALL proceeds benefit a charity chosen by each author


The Authors:

USA Today Best-Selling Author Andrea Smith, Amazon Best-Selling Author S.R. Grey, Eva LeNoir, Amber Nation, Ahren Sanders and Leigh Ann Lunsford


This Anthology is released on December 28, 2014 ! 

It's recommended for readers 18+ due to mature content and it's romance (with an erotic edge). 


The Anthology gathers 6 books, I bought my ebook copy a few days ago and read Disheveled by Eva LeNoir and it's really good, funny and hot. This is not what I usually read but I'm glad I try it. I can't wait to read all these stories and I hope you will share my excitement too. 

Before you get to know more about Intrigue, I'm happy to share with you this amazing Giveaway ! Please, enter for a chance to get your hands on books and an Amazon giftcards (and much more : see at the end of the post ! ). If you want to buy it right away, you can find it on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You can also add it on your To Read List on Goodreads

I hope you enjoy this post and will love to get to know these authors.


Book Description :



Intrigue ~ 6-Author Anthology

Promise and Protect by Leigh Ann Lunsford
Seeing Their Worth by Amber Nation
Jaded by Andrea Smith
Finding Our Way by Ahren Sanders
Exposed: Laid Bare by S.R. Grey
Disheveled by Eva LeNoir




Promise and Protect
By Leigh Ann Lunsford

"Jessa Pierce has the chance to make her career with a high profile case. Dalton Avery is forced to protect her once she succeeds. The passion, danger, and love they experience are just an added bonus."


Seeing Their Worth
By Amber Nation

"Coming from different walks of life, the workaholic Gwendolyn Shaw and the fresh from prison Mason Walker, have instilled into each of their brains that they aren't worthy of anything more in life. Together can they help one another see just how much they are worth?"




By Andrea Smith


"Jade Roberts gave up her career for Hayden Barringer II. She comes to realize that she has given up much more. Jade is Hayden's mistress. Her life is comfortable and secure, until she puts everything at risk when a chat room liaison turns into something much more."




Finding Our Way
By Ahren Sanders


"Devon Harris has loved Bryce Randolph for as long as she can remember. Just when she thinks they may have a future, he breaks her heart and leaves her devastated. Time and distance help heal her wounds, but when he barges back into her life, things aren't as they seem. She must decide if she can really have the future she dreamed of."

Exposed: Laid Bare

By S.R. Grey


"To most, Lucien Chambers is a sexy, savvy businessman. But when naive photographer Dahlia Vaughn is hired to take promo shots of the mysterious man, she finds out there is much more to this enigma."

"As the night wore on, time became lost."



By Eva LeNoir


"What do a high end brothel, a sexy womanizing lawyer and demanding stranger have in common? Delilah Jameson. It's time for this art gallery owner to put on her big girl panties and choose wisely."



I finished reading Disheveled and I love this quote ! Now I have to discover where to find a guy like Cole cause I wouldn't mind him breaking my heart ! I published my review here on this blog.



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