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The Lovely Blog Award

Publié par Léatitia
The Lovely Blog Award

Bonjour !

Today, one of my friends, Lucie ( You can check her blog here: http://lucietalksnerdy.blogspot.fr/search/label/EN ) made me discover Bloglovin and I love it ! I love the concept and how it will distract me from everything else I should be doing ! Thanks Lucie ! (She also made me a Twitter and Convention addict by the way !) I'm a modest blogger and I have so much to do to make my blog less flawed. As I said in my blog's presentation, I'm French, a book lover and a budding writer. Obviously, I'm more than this but with my blog, I wanted to share and talk mostly about books. Seven months ago, I decided to start a blog but I wasn't sure I'd still be doing this today. Because I'm a very distracted person and especially because I lose myself in my writing, I tend to let go of things without meaning it.

But here I am ! Being a blogger is one of the things I love the most but not the first that comes in my mind. I'm really impressed when I see other bloggers' work. I try to learn and be a better blogger then.

I was nominated by my friend Lucie for THE ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD and I'm glad. Because It's an occasion to get to know more bloggers and discover their universe.

Again, my blog is really modest and could be something bigger, if I was not so much into writing ! Also, I apologize in advance for all my grammatical and spelling mistakes. Though, I've heard my English was good, I'm sure there's a lot to improve ! Please make sure to follow the rules, it's a great way to discover blogs.


  1. Thank the person nominating you and link back to them in your post

  2. Share seven things about yourself

  3. Nominate fifteen or so bloggers you admire

  4. Contact your chosen bloggers to let them know

I nominate :

( here are the blogs I will discover or I wish you will discover like I did ! )

1) http://lucietalksnerdy.blogspot.fr/ @luciemilan

2) http://www.thenerdygirlie.com/ @thenerdygirlie

3) http://www.jordanlocke.com/ @Jordan1Locke

4) http://www.bethanyneal.com/ @BethDazzled

5) http://bimsebamse.blogspot.fr/ @Bimsebamsebooks

6) http://distractedblogger.com/ @Kendall_Ashley

7) http://www.kerryshabitat.blogspot.fr/ @KerrysHabitat (check this post : http://www.kerryshabitat.blogspot.fr/2014/09/one-lovely-blog-award-and-nominations.html )



I really wish I could be a morning person... But I'm not ! In High School, I was the girl fighting against Morpheus during a Maths class at 10am, (today Maths became Geography), I'm also the girl sleep walking on the bus while listening to songs (mostly sad and sweet songs because I'm a lost cause and more energetic music would never work on me (in the morning at least) ). My friends are used to it and know (hopefully) I won't be useful before 11am.


Everyone who knows me is aware of my night activities : read and finish a book until my eyes can't stand it anymore, watch tv shows (marathon is also something my friend Lucie made me addicted to) and watch old movies (Black and White and Classics) and WRITE ! Writing is the activity I start without knowing when I will stop. When it's 3am, you hear me say "F*** ! I have to go to sleep !" Fortunately, I have my cat to keep me company during these lonely nights. Coffee or tea cups are also my allies. Maybe all of this has something to do with the fact that I'm a zombie... Even if I love sleeping, I would never regret these hours behind my laptop or with books and Charly by my side (my cat ). So when I say I'd like to be insomniac, I mean I wish I could stop being conflicted about my daytime's life and what I love to do when the sun comes down.


Careful ! When I say I fall in love, I mean in a general way. It's not (only) about men ! Like you, I fall for a great book, a tasty apple pie, a funny picture of cats, a good song which often involves me thinking "God ! I got this !"... A beautiful movie where I wish I could take her place. It's not something wrong but sometimes I'm too sensitive and feel like I'm the one living the drama. But in a way, I'm more connected and I can fully appreciate life, books and people.

4) I TALK TOO MUCH WHEN I'M NERVOUS (or when there's silent)

My friends already know this but you can't so I confess I'm a big mouth. I don't yell or make noise but when I'm comfortable or with people I like, I tend to talk about anything that cross my mind. Really, ANYTHING ! I'm sure that's annoying and I feel like apologizing every time I say a stupid thing, or something that clearly isn't interesting. I'm lucky my friends are okay with this !


Daydreaming when you're a zombie is more a fact than a confession. Because when I'm sleepwalking, there's 50% chance that it's because of a book I read, a story I'm writing or a thing I wish I could do, say or live. So yeah, I'm daydreaming all the time !


I'm sure you understood very well how writing is important to me. I feel lucky to be inspired by so many things and people.


I have a list of places I want to visit and I hope I will see them with my friends. But I wouldn't mind traveling alone. I'm not a adventurer so I guess it could be scary !

With these seven facts, you know more about me now. I hope it will make you want to follow my blog or my Twitter account (@leatitia19). I can't wait to discover your blog and maybe have a chat with you.

Thank you !

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