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Happy New Year !

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Happy New Year !



2015 was for me an intense, crazy, frustrating, amazing and unforgettable year. For the best or the worst, it was all of this and more. I enjoyed reading new authors, buying and getting great books. A lot of things I needed, wanted or never truly expected but loved experiencing were found in the books I listed as the best of 2015, plus the ones I couldn't add to the list. (because it would have been a bigger list!) 


As much as I loved reading books, I loved writing the stories of Joy and Will, Mia and James, Quentin and Amanda, Eva and Tyler. I hope I can write more stories in 2016 and most of all, I wish I'll have readers as passionate and generous as you all are. As a budding writer, I know how important characters are, mine and the ones I discover by reading books, and I'm glad I have some amazing, talented and funny characters in my real life. 


Thank you for taking time to vote, it means a lot! I would love to give all of you a book but working in a bookshop is not very well paid. But anyway, you are awesome! I wish you the greatest and  thehappiest year! 


To start this new year of reading and fun, let me announce the winners! 


For the best Young Adult : Vanishing Girls by Lauren Oliver (32.4%)

For the best Romance : Smokescreen by Ahren Sanders (31.9%)

For the best Debut author/First book: Saving London by Taylor Dawn (31.9%)

For the best Novella: Disheveled by Eva LeNoir (34.8%)

For the best Paranormal book : Exposed : Laid Bare by S.R Grey (47.8%)

For the best Second book of a series : Unveiled : Laid Bare by S.R Grey (58.8%)

For the best Next Favorite book : Tomorrow's lies by S.R Grey (47.1%)


You were over a hundread voters and, though it's not huge, the results still count. Thank you again! Diana from Kentucky you won. I'll contact you soon so you can tell me which book from the list you'd like to get from me. 


Happy reading! 



Happy New Year !

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