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Fire Of Fryslan (Tales of Skylge #3) by Jen Minkman

Publié par Léatitia




Friend turns to foe,
Light fades to darkness,
but a new Fire is burning in the night.

Aska, Tjalling, Sytse, Enna, and Royce have fallen into the hands of Mayor Edison. The corrupt leader of Brandaris knows what they have done, but what he doesn't know is what motivated them. In a desperate attempt to regain power over the island, he uses the five rebels as bargaining chips to force the Skelta to reveal who is part of the Skylger resistance. Anglian girl Melinda and Skylger girl Dani team up to free their friends from prison, but their task won't be an easy one.

Meanwhile, some of the Sirens from the deep visit the indigenous Skylgers to help them to reclaim what was once theirs. And when Tesla and his assistant set sail for the island of Skylge to come to the people's aid as well, all bets are off. Edison will not give up his family's position of power without a fight, and his struggle will involve Anglians, Skylgers, and Sirens alike.

The War of Currents is about to be fought, and nothing will ever be the same again.




My Review : 


Hiya ! 



It is for me a real pleasure to be here to talk to you about one of my favourite authors, Jen Minkman, and her latest Young Adult book series : Tales of Skylge. You can already check my previous reviews of Jen's books by cliking here. I enjoyed the first two books of this new dystopian series and was dying to read the last one. Jen always gives me her books in exchange of an honest review and it's ALWAYS nice to be able to say : I LOVED EVERYTHING ! 


Fire of Fryslan, just like the previous books, kept me turning the pages quickly and delivered new perspectives. The story is told from two points of view and it's a pleasant surprise to find Dani and Melinda to tell us about how everything will end. I liked them already but it was great to discover them more. Both of them are endearing, strong and realistic characters. Their stories made it simple to love them but also to follow the main plot of the book. I can say it was a perfect choice !


Regarding the writing, again, as a fan of dystopian YA universe, I found every ingredient, everything I enjoy. There were intensity, funny moments and something deep and thought provoking about what the characters had to go through. The writing here, allowed me to put mysellf in the shoes of Dani and Melinda easily. We could see how and why they were different. 


About the romance, it was balanced and beautiful. Though the story telling concentrated about the war that was about to begin, I could feel real emotions. And most of all, it was refreshing to read... Okay, no spoilers ! But I'm happy to tell you that this is not what you would expect the most. 


As usual, when I love a book that much, I want everyone to read it ! That's maybe why I don't have a lot to say about Fire of Fryslan. Just know that this is a MUST READ dystopian book series. Grab your copy of Sound of Sirens, the first book, and you will travel through an original universe, compelling and brillant too. I loved that it was about mermaids and a folklore that's, in my opinion, not often enough depicted in books. It made the experience of reading exciting and amazing. The writing is powerful, meaning that it takes you where the author wants. There is a lot to love about Tales of Skylge and so you have to read ! Young reader or not, you will love this new dystopian series ! 


Happy reading ! 

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