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The List by Angela Snyder

Publié par Léatitia



"Lauren Parker was a typical college student until one tragic event that changed her life forever. Unable to escape the terrible secret from her past, Lauren was ready to end it all. She had barely noticed Colin Matthews around campus before that night --- the night he saved her from making a horrible decision. Falling in love with Colin was the easy part. But before she can move on with her future, she has to face her past."



First, let me tell you how much the story of Lauren and Collin moved me. I read it almost as fast as I fell for them. This novella deals with sensitive and painful subjects such as suicide and fear of the Past. But here, it is handled with a beautiful and thought provoking writing. It felt realistic and so poweful at the same time. 


Chapter after chapter, we get to read how Lauren has a chance of healing and loving again. Collin appears to be so sweet, strong, smart and caring. That's exactly the kind of guy you must meet after your life broke. But he has a secret that will change everything.


This is the second time I read a book by Angela Snyder and everytime I get the impression that there is more to read than the words written. I mean that there are things to read and love in between the lines. And with this story, it's even more true. I can't wait to read another book by her !


The List is also about realizing how life is precious and that living now is as important as breathing. The end of this novella got me in tears but shedding them was okay. It wasn't the conclusion I wanted but it still felt right and fine.


To finish, I highly recommand you to read this short read. You will want to know about Lauren and the strong guy she fell for. Collin and Lauren will stay forever inside of my book lover's heart.


For a small price on Amazon Kindle, you can enjoy The List and discover a really talented and generous author. You can find my review of her second publication, Vampire Next Door, here on my blog and an interview I made with Angela. Saving Avery, her next release, will be featured on my blog too. Check her Facebook page




The List by Angela Snyder

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