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Winter's gift by Alix Nichols

Publié par Léatitia

Winter's gift

a novella in the Bistro La Bohème series

by Alix Nichols




A steely tycoon…
Anton values loyalty above all, but he’s learned the hard way not to expect it from women. At forty-five, he’s at the helm of a self-made IT empire and a man whose heart will never get broken again… for he’s locked it up.
A woman in despair…
When Anna finally fell in love at twenty-eight, she was hurt so badly that her mom’s old adage became her credo: Men are animals. Five years later, she’s set on using them to save her mother’s life. She’ll never be so naive again as to believe that her body is a temple… for it is just a commodity.
A winter to remember…
When Anton and Anna cross paths over the winter holidays, neither can deny that what they share in bed—and out of it—is special. But is it special enough to shatter the walls around their hearts? And is it strong enough to make them shed their armor and stand defenseless before each other?
Winter's Gift is the second book in the La Bohème Bistro series that I read (Falling for Emma) and just like the first one, I absolutly LOVED it ! I liked the two main characters and I could care about them and their story quickly and deeply. There's a lot for you to love in that book but here is what you need to know ! 
Strong, smart and charming character, Anton made me think of something rare and beautiful, a gift Anna couldn't stop herself from wanting... in every way ! Though she never wanted something serious or romantic, she slowly realize Anton is beyond everything she expected from men. But can she trust herself with feelings she carefully avoided for so long? What about her secrets and everything that she is? 
For Anton, I could say it was love at first sight (for me, at first words !). There was attraction, beauty and sincerity about the two of them. It was also hot, sexy and amusing. And of course really intense ! They were both so moving and realistic  and I enjoyed  their deep connection and complicity. 
The writing was perfect and beautiful. The story was well developped and gripping. I loved the sweet and light French romantism ! I wanted to know what would happen to Anton and Anna so much that I finished reading the book in less than five hours. So this is a short read that you will appreciate easily and deeply ! I think you shouldn't miss this very good read that became one of my coup de coeur ! Alix gifts us a hot and unforgettable Romance about letting go of the past, accepting love and trusting the pure, passionnate and genuine attraction that was just demanding to be felt. 
Grab your copy of Winter's Gift now, you won't regret it ! 
Happy reading ! 

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