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Hearing Colors : The Birth of Anniston by Vita Coop

Publié par Léatitia





Deemed powerless by married judge Zieg Davenport, Anacelia falls victim of being the other woman. The contrast of his baby blue eyes and dark skin holds her attention hostage, a trait that is responsible for his nickname-Baby. Anni gets caught in Baby’s world where romance meets intensity. Her mind, body and soul are at war but sexuality steps in to win. Even the problems of Anni’s family and friends can’t detour her from this romance... The desire to be with this man overcomes the torment that the people around her are going through. Baby may have been just what she needed to reach her full potential. This passion is the fuel that drives her to loyalty and dedication. Together they can conquer anything, but his wife still plays a major role in his life. Things heighten as Anni welcomes an old friend into this love triangle. The past accepts the invitation into the present. Who knows what her future holds? Strap on your seat belts and accompany Anni to an unforeseen destination. "


I got this book from the author in exchange for an honest review, so here it is ! 

This is the first book that Vita Coop self published and I can already tell you I'd love one more ! 


While reading Hearing Colors, I couldn't stop myself from thinking that there is something genuine and strong about this book.


First, I was not disappointed by how the plot is developped through the pages. The blurb kept all it promises ! These 166 pages deliver a very unique, gripping and beautiful story. I could totally relate to the main character, Anni, and how her life is changed all because she fell for the wrong man... when really, he doesn't feel wrong at all. There is a lot of deep thinking along for the the ride. Buy this book and you will feel something for sure : the laughters, the love, the desire, the beauty and so much more.


"Heart races... Smille hardens on my face. This is a different kind of happy. He hugs me and now my body is beaming. My awareness of him heightens. All others fall victim to the backround. My perception is missing. He stands still with a glow around him. There is no noise. He has robbed me of my senses. I'm hearing colors."


Also, I appreciated the drama/suspense atmosphere which created a real "plus" to the story in itself, just like the secondary characters were too. I enjoyed the suspense and the intensity of certain passages. It kept the reading interesting and made me want to turn the pages quickly, impatient to know about how the story would end. I think any book lover who enjoys truthful characters and a realistic and rare love story will enjoy reading Hearing Color : The Birth of Anniston.


To conclude, I'm happy I got the chance to discover an author I will gladly read again !  


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