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Exposed : Laid Bare by S.R Grey

Publié par Léatitia

Hello everyone ! 


A few months ago, I read and reviewed an awesome novella : Exposed : Laid Bare by S.R Grey. It was from an anthology, Intrigue, and now you can enjoy and grab your copy of this Erotic Romance/Paranormal Romance, a must read !



I found the blurb really attracting (oh just like Lucien Chambers : not a coincidence !) and was obviously dying to read this novella. Just like the three I read before (see my reviews), I enjoyed very much my read. It was a fast reading, compelling and... kind of unsatisfying but in the best way ! Sometimes, a book needs to leave you such a great impression so you want more : it worked perfectly here ! Not only I want to know more about Lucien and Dahlia, but I want to read more of S.R. Grey's books.

I loved the writing : it was smooth, not heavy and above all, I think there were elements I didn't see coming. There were moments I had imagined differently and a puzzling sensuality. The latter was all because of the ambiance of the book and the mystery around the figure of Lucien Chambers. I adore this kind of character ! I want to know more about who and what Lucien is. I was really hooked up by him and what we (Dahlia and I) didn't know about him.

I enjoyed reading about their relation and the fact that it seems to be more than physical... while being really hot between them (understatement of the century !). Again, I want to know more about that and why Dahlia feels this way about him. You could think it was a bit fast but somehow you know there is a good reason for it.

To conclude : you have to read Exposed : Laid Bare ! For a small price, you can buy this book  on Amazon. You won't regret it, I promise !


Happy reading ! 

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