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Black Balled by Andrea Smith and Eva LeNoir

Publié par Léatitia


Expecting publication : May 11th 2015

ebook340 pages


First, let me quote Larson Blackburn because his thought sums up perfectly my reading experience here :


« Holy mother of all that is... pleasure. »



I got the ARC of Black Balled, written by Andrea Smith and Eva LeNoir, in exchange of an honest review. It's a Romance M/M (a Romance involving two males) and the very first book of this genre I read. I wanted to let you know, before reading my review, that I am not used to reading M/M but since January, I promised myself to always read something different from the YA genre I started this blog with. Maybe it makes my review less sizeable or maybe it's more... unbiased, I let you decide !



So Black Balled is not the kind of novel I would have looked forward to read but, knowing how talented the authors are, I was intrigued and so I went reading the blurb. And I loved it so much that I couldn't miss on the opportunity to review it. And okay, I admit that I was super curious ! I loved that it was two points of view of two men, written by two women, I loved that it was about an author and a reviewer. Finally I loved that it sounded like nothing else I've ever read !



And the truth is... it was beyond everything I was expecting ! Though I knew it would be a good read, I wasn't prepared to love this book that much. I fell hard for these two main characters and their personal story(ies). Usually I have a favorite but this time I just can't decide which one I would love to meet most. There was something really appealing about this book and the feeling never left me while reading it. I devoured Black Balled as if it was a delicious croissant, right out of the oven ! Now, let me tell you why you will love it too !


One of my favorite teasers ! 




The writing here is delightful, deep, compelling and delivers well developed, intense and endearing characters. I loved all the quiproquo of this story and enjoyed a rhythm both catchy and enticing : « just one more page » is not working here ! With this novel, you will laugh, feel, breathe as if you became a part of the scenes. And oh my gosh ! Should I tell you about all the sexcapades hidden in these pages ? Should I explain how hot, passionate, insightful and beautiful some passages were ? No, I guess I have to let you enjoy all of it when you will read Black Balled !


« Larson knows who he is and he makes no excuses or apologies for it. He wears his flaws just as proudly as he does his attributes, for all to see, and for everyone to accept or reject, as the case may be because it makes no difference to him. He is comfortable in his own skin. That is probably because Larson is genuine. He doesn't wear layers of facades that need to be ripped away in order to find his inner soul ; or his truth. He just puts it all out there without reservation. Not like me. »



Also, what makes this book so f***ing unforgettable and good is the characters. Right above, I told you I love them both a lot. But at first, I have to say I was completely on Larson's side ! He was so fun and strong: he knew what he wanted, how he felt and who he was. I loved that even his flaws made him look like someone endearing and interesting. I love him ! And just like Babu, he was a realistic and captivating character. Babu, the reviewer you would absolutely want to avoid, became slowly but then deeply interesting too. I loved hating him but then... I understood him and couldn't help myself from loving him too. I love that he was looking for himself and that his flaws kind of built him. His past and secrets, hidden in a drawer and right behind a high and dense wall, were revealed cleverly. And here Larson comes, giving him exactly what he needs and couldn't find and understand before. (As I'm writing this review, I keep smiling big time!)


« I can't wait to be his first. His last. His fucking only. » Larson.



Finally, I can't say too much about how the two of them went from a « I f***ing hate you ! » to a « I f***ing love you », passing by a « You're the one I desire and need ». I want you to get engrossed in the story the way I was. I just can tell you that Larson and Babu were completing each other, their love story was everything I expect from a Romance. Yeah, I giggled, I had my eyes wet and talked to myself out loud while I was reading. Fortunately, I was in my very cosy reading cave and not at the museum I work at.


Last thing you need to know : the ending ! No, I won't tell you anything (I hate spoilers!) but I can say it was one of the best I've ever read ! It felt right, realistic and satisfying. Again, you won't be disappointed !


I hope you will consider buying Black Balled and won't miss this fantastic and beautiful read ! In May, I will post an interview with both authors. I can't wait to ask them about how they wrote this special and sublime novel ! You can pre-order it now on Amazon


Happy reading !


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Kimberly Addison 21/04/2015 14:44

Awesome review!

Eva LeNoir 21/04/2015 13:22

Oh, Leatitia, THANK YOU so much for such an amazing review. Gros Gros Bisous et encore, merci du fond du cœur!
Eva ~

Léatitia 21/04/2015 20:29

J'ai tellement de chance d'être "tombée" sur toi et Intrigue il y a quelques mois ! Je crois que c'est Angela Snyder que je dois remercier <3 Bisous à toi aussi :)

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