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Naked Soul : The Erotic Love Poems by Salil Jha

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Naked Soul : The Erotic Love Poems

by Salil Jha




"“Naked Soul: The Erotic Love Poems” is an extraordinary storytelling in the form of erotic love poetry, speaking directly to the reader's heart through sensations that course throughout the body.

This powerful collection of erotic and sensual love poems celebrates the erotic spirit in all its forms -- from intense passionate sexual desire to seductive victory.

There are love poems for every mood and sentimental feeling, for every phase of love you are experiencing whether you are with a partner or not. Read it slowly. Read a poem at a time, or two—or all at once—but give it time to sink into your heart. Read them again. Visualize. Let the poem show you what may be lying dormant in your own heart.

Any poetry lover who loves deep symbolism, storytelling and musing over deep verses will find this book very touching. No matter which phase of love you are growing in currently, this book will serve to sail you further towards the endless ocean of love."



This is the first Poetry book I'm reviewing but as usual, I'm gonna let my heart speak for myself.

I really, really loved reading Naked Soul. From the first poem to the last, it kept all its promises. I enjoyed every word, every feeling. I feel like it was a journey  and while reading it, you travel through different states of mind. It was so much beautiful and it reached deep into my soul, my memories and my ghosts, the bad and the good ones. 

I enjoyed the beauty of how erotical and pure it sounded, just like were the beautiful drawings that followed the poems. I got to read pictures, feel words and hear about what we often hide to ourselves and others. Some of the poems woke up something in me and it's exactly what you should and can hope for when you start reading a book. Especially if it turns out to be a brilliant and stunning book like this one.

Soul To Soul

"Love me

      for my mind

my heart, my being

Don't worry about my body

I can give you sex

       any second

But to love you back

       I must first feel

              soul-to-soul love"


I think this book belongs to the author but also to myself, to everyone. Though I couldn't relate to every poem and/or emotions depicted, it somehow felt like it. I admit I shared a few tears too...  (Don't worry, that's just who I am :) ) So yes, Naked Soul will inevitably touch your heart and soul. 


Everlasting Love


"Our love is like a new spring

A colorful fall

Like warm summer nights

Beauty of winter snow and ice




You could read about true love, intense and passionate desires, departure and reunions. There is every shade of love and purity : attraction, tenderness, strong and sweet physical desires. Like I did, I'm sure you will feel the sensuality and passion behind every word. 


What else can I say? Besides this collection of poems became one of these books I will look for whenever I need inspiration and solace? Again, I'm sure you will feel something when you read this book. Not only the inside is truly beautiful, but the way it is shaped is, for me, very unique. I highly recommand this book, even if you're not into poetry. You will want the romance and the erotism that feel right. 


Her Flying Kiss


"The whole night

I take turns in sleep

        Right and left

        On my back and sides again


A gentle breeze passes

over my face and my body

It is my beloved's song,

         Her flying kiss."


I let you read some of my favorite poems but there's so much I loved. I would like everyone to read Naked Soul. Salil Jha is an independent author and a really generous and sympathic person. If you want to know more about him or read more of his work, please visit his blog and go buy this book. You won't regret it !


Thank you and happy reading ! 

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