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Book release : Finding Our Way by Ahren Sanders

Publié par Léatitia
Book release : Finding Our Way by Ahren Sanders

Finding Our Way 


Ahren Sanders


Synopsis : 


"Young Love. Schoolgirl Crush. Complete Adoration. 

All of these words describe the way I’ve felt about Bryce Randolph since the day he walked through my door. I was twelve and he was my brother’s best friend, but he never treated me as the pesky little sister. As the years went on, my feelings grew stronger. The day I turned eighteen was supposed to be the best day of my life, instead it became the worst. 

Heartbreak, Devastation, Anguish.

With the right amount of time and distance, the ache lessens. My new life has no room for the endless tears I cried for months. Emotionally, Bryce betrayed me and caused a deep heartache I never thought I’d overcome. Now, I’m stronger, more focused, and extremely guarded. Moving on helped me find clarity and build a new path for my future. 

Just as things seem to fall into place, Bryce finds me. He’s a man on a mission and I’m the mission. His determination and persistence becomes hard to ignore. 
Is it possible we may just have the future I always dreamed about? 

Due to graphic language and sexual situations, this novella is recommended to readers 18+"

Book release : Finding Our Way by Ahren Sanders

Devon and Bryce are made for each other but life is twisted and have teared them apart. Devon's heart was broken, the guy she fell far when she was a teenager isn't here for her as he promised. Bryce ended up where his heart couldn't be but he realizes quickly that he has to do everything to get what he always wanted and needed. And everything he wants is Devon. How can they find their way to each other after all this wasted time?

Book release : Finding Our Way by Ahren Sanders

I had the chance to read this novella and, believe me, it's a MUST READ !

I loved the characters and the writing. Everything the blurb promised were in there and the story is moving and strong. It was the first book by Ahren Sanders I read and it made me want to read more of her work.

You can have this novella for free with Kindle Unlimited or on Kindle for only 0.99$ ! 


Book release : Finding Our Way by Ahren Sanders

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