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Bloodweight by Eva LeNoir

Publié par Léatitia



Eva LeNoir




"As a young independent vampire, Ellen Banks takes the ring, and all eyes are on her. The lithe rebel has worked hard to get to this one moment in her less-than-stellar life. No one will stand in her way of that championship belt, especially not the powerful and impossibly salacious Nash Stanford. If only her traitorous body’s reaction would shut the hell up.

Nash Stanford, Vampire Sire of the East Coast, has been biding his time. He is a shrewd businessman and knows a good investment when he sees one. But when he looks at the incredibly sexy Ellen Banks, there is more than just money on his mind. Will she agree to work for him? More importantly, will she finally give into the hunger building between them?"



This novella was a delight ! Let me tell you why you need to add it to your to read list.


First, I really love vampire stories and this one sounded special. And it was ! I wasn't disappointed by the atmosphere of this paranormal romance story. Though I know nothing about boxing, I enjoyed discovering and living the excitement of Ellen's fights. There were actions and suspense and I loved how everything felt right together. Also, I loved that we could meet other creatures like shifters and werewolves. It stayed focused on vampires but it made me want to know more about the world the characters were living in.


As for the characters, I found them pretty awesome ! I could easily relate on Ellen's feelings, her strength, her bravery and her story was interesting and moving. I loved that she embodied everything powerful in a woman while having one slight weakness : Ash Standford. But who wouldn't be attracted to this sexy, controlling and handsome vampire? He was hot as fire but so much more too ! I loved him ! And the two of them were amazing. This novella contains hotness, intense chemistry and love. Yeah, you could sense this was more than a strong attraction.


I'm so happy we will know more about Jared in the sequel.  It sounds really promising, to say the least !

Bloodweight, first book in the Underdogs of the Arena series, is well written, gripping and will make you want more. This novella won't leave you indifferent ! I will absolutly read the whole series and more of Eva LeNoir work !

Right now, you can buy Bloodweight for only 0.99$ on Kindle

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