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Lost In Translation by S.L Scott

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Lost In Translation

by S.L Scott


"Kandace Miller is a star student who stays on the straight and narrow path of her perfectly planned life. 
Olivier DeMarche always chooses the shortcut in life, wanting the easy way in and out of every situation. 
One room. 
One beautiful American. 
One sexy Frenchman. 
Five days in Paris. 
That’s all it takes to ignite a spark into a flame. But when two opposites attract, can the language of love keep them together or will they be Lost in Translation? "



Lost In Translation sounded exactly like I think it is : amazing, exciting and beautiful. I was happy to read about my capitale city and I found in this book everything I love in Paris. I gave 4 stars (4.5) because I would have loved to read more about this gripping and moving love story. But don't worry, I was completely satisfied ! Here are the reasons why you need to read Lost In Translation :



"The French are definitly not shy about showing their affection in public. Is everyone in this city in love?"



First, I laughed a lot ! I loved seeing Paris through an American girl's eyes. Even more because I liked Kandace a lot. She and I have things in common but she's also a very touching character. I could relate on what she was experiencing and I found every word realistic and right. It never felt too much : you get romance, hotness mixed with tenderness and you walk in Paris almost like Kandace does. I think it's kind of amazing to be able to make me, a French reader "used" to the beauty of Paris, fall in love with this city all over again. So I'm sure any reader can feel it too !



"His expression coats my insides, making me wonder if it's possible to fall in love with someone in less than forty eight hours. Maybe anything is possible in Paris. It is the most romantic rcity in the world after all."



Olivier DeMarche : I found this book boyfriend so charming, endearing and complex. I love him ! Read the story through his POV would have been amazing too. He has secrets and a complicated history... It didn't prevent me from falling for him. He is also very hot  and appétissant !

And what about this connexion, this beautiful attraction between Olivier and Kandace? I loved it a lot ! I wanted to know when they would go for it and, of course, where it would lead them.



"You bring out the person I want to be."



The two of them had chemistry at the first smile Olivier gave and the reader can feel it too. He is warm and cocky, she's a bit down to earth and serious. But they affect each other perfectly, like they can complete the other.


So here you have a perfect holiday fantasy !



"I hope my feet never touch the ground. I love living a dream."



But when Kandace realizes it's more than just sex and Paris' beauty affecting her, it's too late. She's falling for a guy she barely knows, a guy she'd love to know more. Everything is complicated, tempting... But when one of Olivier' secrets is revealed, for Kandace, going back home doesn't seem wrong anymore...



I think I told you pretty much everything you need to know about Lost In Translation and I hope you want to read it too ! This is a page turner, a fast read you'd enjoy like you enjoy a good romance movie (I can't help but thinking about Notting Hill and Love in the Afternoon by Billy Wilder (1957) ) It's well written, characters are awesome and love is everywhere in this book ! I'm absolutly going to check S. L Scott other books and tell you about them !

Happy reading !  


You can buy Lost In Translation here on Amazon ! And check S.L Scott facebook page.


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