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Seeing Their Worth by Amber Nation

Publié par Léatitia

Seeing Their Worth

by Amber Nation





I really loved Seeing Their Worth and here is the reasons why you HAVE to get your copy of this amazing, beautiful, sexy and gripping anthology of six novellas. Amber Nation gives us a story about two characters damaged and scared of how life would be if they started to let someone get close again. Gwen knows the risks while Mason understands that he wants more than a one-night stand. It's again, the romance I love ! 


"Coming from different walks of life, the workaholic Gwendolyn Shaw and the fresh from prison Mason Walker, have instilled into each of their brains that they aren't worthy of anything more in life. Together can they help one another see just how much they are






This is the last novella I read from Intrigue and it was both moving and seductive !


First, I enjoyed the topics of this story : fresh start, forgiveness, love and past. I loved the two points of view and I liked that we jump right into the heart of the story. Mason is exactly the kind of book boryfriend I adore to fall for. I liked how his past shaped him, his determination to try to be a better person. He went through hell and really deserved some good in his life. Well...  he is also HOT ! Not only because he is a former bad boy and looks like he escaped from the pages of a magazin, but mostly because he's reliable and understanding. That's great qualities, don't you think? 




I loved Gwen too and felt close to her instantly. She has her own scars and it seems hard to hide them when she's around Mason. They are a perfect match but the love story, realistic and deep, wasn't easy to build for the two of them. I mean that the pace of how it happens is great because there's no rush and it's beautifully written. It's like they test each other before they really go for more than just sex. 


I was amazed by how intense these novella was. It's a fast read that contains sexy, tender and funny moments. As in the five other novellas, you could feel everything and the end was satisfying. I enjoyed discovering Amber Nation and will (right now) check her other books. I hope you will too because you should NOT miss the chance to buy Intrigue


What a perfect anthology ! You can check my five other reviews and my category #For Adults Only ! I wish you a wonderful read, already knowing you will enjoy and devour Intrigue like I did. It was a real pleasure for me to reconnect with Romance thanks to this anthology. I'm looking forward to get to know more all these talented, kind and generous authors. I hope you will too ! 




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