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Promise and Protect by Leigh Ann Lunsford

Publié par Léatitia

Promise and Protect

by Leigh Ann Lunsford





This is the third novella I read from the Anthology untitled Intrigue. I'm having a real great pleasure reading this Anthology and I'm glad to share with you another review. This novella is different from the previous ones and I think they all have their own ambiance and spicy ingredient. From the point of view of a mistress in Jaded, by Andrea Smith, to this intense story by Leigh Ann Lunsford, I'm sure everyone will have their thrill ! Now, let me introduce you to Jessa and Dalton !


"Jessa Pierce has the chance to make her career with a high profile case. Dalton Avery is forced to protect her once she succeeds. The passion, danger, and love they experience are just an added bonus."



Jessa is a state attorney who put her life in danger by imprisoning a criminal who had terrorized her city and too many innocents. And because Bryant Cole is the devil, he tried to kill her but it's a friend of her defunt father who died, trying to save her. She is an easy target and it's really hard on her to live with the consequences of her success at the court. The guilt is heavy and obviously deeply changes her life. But above all, she has to disappear and hide because Bryant Cole, even in jails, is still a big threat. Until his final appeal in court, she has to be guarded and protected by Dalton, the handsome, benevolent and very protective cop. The fear never leaves her mind and, as her interest for Dalton is growing, the danger, their pride and the unexpected get mixed...


Well, Leigh Ann Lunsford had me at "passion, danger and love" ! That's usually what I love about Romance and I was looking forward to meet these two characters and know more about how their relationship is built. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed at all ! Sure, I had figured the kind of tension Jessa and Dalton could experience but I love how it's not that easy ! I loved the personnal history of these two characters and how, in the end, everything makes sense. I have to admit, for one moment I feared that I wouldn't love the ending... I let you discover why ! But I adored all of it !


The chemistry between Dalton and Jessa was fun to witness and it wasn't cliché at all ! I felt like they were playing cat and mouse with each other. Because when one of them refused to engage more until everyone was safe and sound, the other one was so damm attracted... ! I had what I enjoy the most in a Romance novella : intensity, tenderness and hotness. 


Bonus point : Dalton is not my book boyfriend type but god, how do you stay indifferent?!! You can't ! I loved how complex and tortured he was. Jessa and Dalton were both so touching and sexy !

Again, I loved Promise and Protect and I hope you will buy this amazing Anthology and read all of them. It's gold ! 

Please check my page featuring all you need to know about Intrigue and my category : For Adult Only ! You won't regret it and go buy your copy of Intrigue (ebook). There's also a giveaway ! 








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