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Finding our way by Ahren Sanders

Publié par Léatitia

Finding our way

by Ahren Sanders




Hi everyone,


I hope you got your copy of Intrigue because I tell you it's a MUST READ. I just finished the six stories and loved all of them. I'm sure I will read them again. (I'd love a paperback so I can have it in my bookcase.) Lately, I wasn't really in the mood for reading and reviewing but I'm back and happy to share with you my thoughts regarding this beautiful novella.



"Devon Harris has loved Bryce Randolph for as long as she can remember. Just when she thinks they may have a future, he breaks her heart and leaves her devastated. Time and distance help heal her wounds, but when he barges back into her life, things aren't as they seem. She must decide if she can really have the future she dreamed of."



Devon and Bryce are made for each other but life is twisted and have teared them apart. Devon's heart was broken, the guy she fell far when she was a teenager isn't here for her as he promised. Bryce ended up where his heart couldn't be but he realizes quickly that he has to do everything to get what he always wanted and needed. And everything he wants is Devon. How can they find their way to each other after all this wasted time?



First, let me tell you I fell for this love story so bad ! I adored this two characters and their relationship's developement. It was easy to understand Devon's broken heart and why she tried to protect it. But we can also get how difficult it was for Bryce. They both suffered and as we read, we can appreciate the healing  process. It was realistic, without cliché and tender. I loved it !


As for how hot Bryce and Devon were, well, sure you will find beauty there too. I mean that they were chemistry, tenderness and accompliceship. I could feel how and why the sex, the past and their love were knotted. 


I also laugh a lot while reading this novella. Quinn and Devon are really endearing and some situations were so nice and amusing. I won't tell you much about that because you have to find out ! This novella is full of everything I love : emotion, suspens (will they finally have their happy ending?) and hotness !


I highly recommend you to buy, while you can, Intrigue ! Just like this novella, it's full of surprises with stories that you'll love to immerse yourself into. Please check my category For Adults Only ! to read my other reviews of Intrigue and give me your thoughts. Thank you !


Happy reading ! 

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