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Songs & lyrics !

Publié par Léatitia

What's up everyone?! 




Lately I've been thinking a lot about the simple pleasure of reading a song. Yeah, reading and not just hearing it. And because it's a short read, I thought you might like to read a selection of my favorites. Now, it may sound strange because I'm not talking about books. It's about the words and the stories songs can tell in the way that books do too. As a budding writer, I often find inspiration thanks to a song I love. And it's not fresh news to say that a 4 minutes song can hide a strong story inside his chorus. For instance, I just love how cinematographic songs written by The Script can sound. In their song Glowing, they tell a story with actions and intensity and for me, it's like hearing a movie. I think it's awesome ! It's not an everyday/everyone song but you can still relate and that just shows how talented The Script is.



And of course, it's not the only band or singer to do so. And the best in all of this, it's that you don't absolutly need to hear the music to feel and love the story told. I experienced it lately with a friend who shares her songs. You could think that, without notes to go along, there's no point. But you would be SO WRONG ! That's also what I love about writing. You can share a story through lyrics, books, short stories or sentences. I always love words because, to me, it feels like magic. And sometimes, they touch people's heart and soul so hard and deep... 


So, here I am, sharing about words and not books. I hope you don't mind and understand how much I love music and lyrics. Please, feel free to share with me your opinion and your favorites songs. I'd be really happy to give it a try !


Now, I want to share with you one of my favorites songs ! It's not only a beautiful song, it's also a song that inspired me to write a novel. This voice is a voice I absolutly LOVE and I hope you will too. William Anderson (from Parachute) is an amazing song writer and singer. He can write lyrics that speaks to everyone. I think, like a lot of writers, he can put himself in anyone shoes. If you check Parachute songs, you will understand what I'm talking about. 


Because we're closer and closer to Christmas, here is a song he called a "Chirstmas song", the only one he wrote. And I can keep listening to it over and over because it's just stunning ! If you want to hear it in acoustic, check this link : Winterlove. And the lyrics for you : 





" Oh it's one more year of waiting,
One more month of all alone,
One more day is fading,
just bring me back my winterlove.

Spring goes by so slowly,
Summer can't come fast enough,
Fall can leave me lonely,
Just bring me back my winterlove.

Oh I slept in every city,
Drove through every countryside
Made friends with the shadows
Looking for a place to hide

And I've crossed every ocean
and I've climbed every mountaintop
Oh, but nothing seems to hold me
hold me like my winterlove

And the world keeps going
as you kiss me so slowly
as your blue eyes they say goodbye


Oh the snow is finally falling
when I walk the streets, i think of her
I can hear the choir singing
as I pause beside the open door

and the church bells sound above me
and the people pass me one by one
oh it's midnight now on christmas
and im here without my winterlove

Without my winterlove

When the angels come to take you
when your plane takes off from Washington
oh, I'll be right where you left me
I'll wait for you my winterlove

Oh I'll wait for you my winterlove
Oh I'll wait for you my winterlove. "




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