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Jaded by Andrea Smith

Publié par Léatitia


by Andrea Smith


"Jade Roberts gave up her career for Hayden Barringer II. She comes to realize that she has given up much more. Jade is Hayden's mistress. Her life is comfortable and secure, until she puts everything at risk when a chat room liaison turns into something much more."



This is the second book of Intrigue, the Anthology I talked to you about, and Jaded is a short story. I read it quickly because it was intriguing and something like I never read before. With objectivity, I can say it was good and nice to read. I enjoyed it because when I started reading, I knew what to expect. But I have to say, it was the one story of the Anthology I wasn't sure I would like. And I actually was surprised to find the Romance I love.


So here we go with my short and honest review !


Jade is a woman with a dark and complicated past. We quickly understand that she doesn't want to repeat her mother's mistakes and to do so, she managed to find someone who provides everything for her : stability, attention and money. She became Hayden's mistress and got used to him being a control freak. But three years passed and she realized that she wants more. At 31 years old, she thinks more and more about the few things Hayden can't give her... That's why she secretly started a new relationship with a man thanks to a Chat room. She knows it's kind of wrong but cherishes her new friend. They never saw each other but something deep is born. When they finally meet, everything's so different from what Jade is used to... and more perfect than she fantasized.



What I love the most was the beauty and the sensuality of certains scenes. I liked the authenticity of the main character. Though Jade warned us about the fact that we may not love her, I couldn't help but feeling sympathy for her. Not pity, no, but I could easily understand her.  

I found it was interesting to read from a mistress' point of view but I also think it's not just about that. Jade has a story and what she experiences with Adam is beautiful too. It's a touch of romance, a love story that moved me. 

Finally, I enjoyed the end of the short story which is both frustrating and satisfying. Because I want to know what's next for Jade (Yes I'm that kind of reader, when it's good, you always want more !) but it was this WTF? moment caused by surprise and unexpected elements. And I love that !


Here is another reason to buy Intrigue ! Please go like Andrea Smith Facebook page  and give Intrigue a try. You won't regret it ! You can buy Intrigue (ebook) on Amazon  and Barnes & Noble. And don't forget to check my special article about the Intrigue giveaway ! 


Thank you and happy reading ! 

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