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For Adults only !

Publié par Léatitia

Hello everyone ! 



We're so close to end 2014 that I keep thinking about what will change next year and if I will have new resolution. I'm making a list where I obviously put something about books : read more, review more and try something new ! That's not all but I wanted to tell you, feel free to tell me what's yours ! 

And because I think it's important to stick to our resolutions (or at least try harder this year !), I started one of them a few days ago. As I was going through Facebook, I spotted a beautiful book cover. And because I'm always curious to know what's hidding behind a beautiful cover, I looked on Goodreads and found out it was an Anthology for adult. 

Now, if you read my latest posts, you understand that I usually read young adult. I think the only one I read and reviewed for adult was Rooms by Lauren Oliver

So I'm going to try to read more books I thought I'd never read. I'm sure there will be good surprises and I will talk about it here. Adult genre includes erotica and sexual content and I'm happy to give it a try because there's so much I don't know about this genre. I love this kind of change !

The first book I reviewed is Disheveled by Eva LeNoir. It's a new adult romance that caught my eyes and I finished it last night. I LOVED it ! Please check this new categorie : For Adults Only !


Thank you and have a good read ! 





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