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My very short reads !

Publié par Léatitia

What's up everyone ?!


These past few weeks, I've come to realize one very important thing : I have not enough time to read !

Every month, I pick three books for my #Bookshelf of the month so I know what to read and what I will review. That doesn't mean I read only three books per month but anyway, I need to order my blog this way. I hate deadlines but it can be very helpful sometimes !

So, because I have not enough time to read a book (between my writing activities, social life and Uni and so on...) I'm glad I can enjoy short reads. 

Let me explain how it works for me. Thanks to Twitter and Facebook pages for example, I can appreciate short reads everyday. Sometimes, it's just a sentence or a quotation but it is really helping me. For instance, I'm less frustrated by my lack of time or I can just get a breath of inspiration. I'm a budding writer and I can get inspired really quickly. Especially when I can observe great photos on Instagram, read sentences beautifully written or enjoy a poem I wouldn't have read in a book at a library. 

If you're not a budding writer or an author, you can just want to read great literature anyday, without having to spend three hours with it.

From time to time, I will share with you my favorites ways to get short reads. Today, I want everyone to know about one of friends' Facebook page. She is French too but Marion writes short poems or sentences, even songs in English. She's really talented and I'm impressed because she shares her works everyday. It's something I wouldn't have the courage to do. She started her Facebook page a few weeks ago and I hope you will join her here :



Thanks for your time !

Have a good read !

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