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The Locket by Stacey Jay

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This is not the first time I talk about Stacey Jay and I'm glad to do it again. You should get used to it because there's a few books she wrote I intend to read. And I'm sure I will love all of them ! Today I'd like to share my thoughts about The Locket and I hope I will make you want to read this novel. I thought this story was completly different from what I read, not to mention comparing to the previous Stacey Jay's novels I read. Here we don't have death or magical creatures. It's all about friendship, betrayal, love... and mystery ! I can't just reduce The Locket to these themes so here we go with my review !



What I love about Stacey's writing, and with great novels in general, is that you can usually climb into the main character's skin. With The Locket it was easy, fun and intense. I loved Katie and could relate with her lack of confidence for instance. It was also one of those stories where I mostly disagreed with the main character. Though, I understood her and what she was experiencing (Yeah, you can understand how worried someone can be because a magical locket is turning your life upside down !), I was also questionning myself because of the choices Katie had to make. Was it a good idea to wish for a second chance instead of cleaning up the mess? What would I do if I could fix one of my mistakes? Is it okay to be a little selfish when your friends' lives depend on what you do and how you act ? During her journey as the life she knew is partially changing, Katie realizes she should be careful about what she wants. And maybe what she wants is not what she really needs.



Regarding the other characters, you won't be disappointed ! You will have someone to hate, someone to laugh with, someone you will want to be friend with... Of course, there is the book boyfriend ! Actually, you could say there are two options but I quickly made up my mind about who I prefered. Should I say on which team I am? Because for me, it was obvious ! But like I said earlier, Katie's choices wouldn't have been mine. I disagreed with what the main character did but I also understood how she felt.



Now, the end ! I can't give you details but I can talk about how I was moved by this conclusion. Because until the last for pages, you don't know how it will end. I cried like a baby, my heart and my eyes didn't want to believe what I was reading. It was amazing and I got carried away so easily. The end was perfect, right and moving.



I'm never disappointed with Stacey Jay's novels and with The Locket I wanted to read more of Stacey Jay's books ! So next month, I will buy all of the books she wrote and I highly recommend you to check her books. I wrote an article about her career. Please go check it and tell me what you think !

Thank you, have a good read !


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