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My interview with Bethany Neal

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Bonjour !

Today I have the chance to share with you an interview with a writer, whose book was so stunning and amazing to read that I absolutly wanted to ask her questions. It's her first published book and I can't wait to read another one. Now, let me introduce you to the talented Bethany Neal.


Who is Bethany Neal?


Hi! I’m Bethany Neal, the author of My Last Kiss about a ghost whose death revolves around my two favorite things (to write about), betrayal and kissing. Fun facts include: I was a synchronized figure skater for over twelve years, I could survive eating solely Sour Patch Kids, macaroons & ice water, and a pig is my favorite animal. Also I paint my nails a lot.


1) First question that I always love to know the answer : How did you know you wanted to become a writer ? Is there a story or a person behind it?



I really had no idea I wanted to be a writer until I started writing. Suddenly all of my previously useless talents like skillfully on-the-spot lying and obsessively avoiding reality became tools of the trade! It took me awhile to realize writing is what I was built to do, but now that I know there’s no going back. I truly can’t think of anything I’d rather do with my time…except sleep…and eat chocolate.


2) What do you love the most about writing? Is there anything you don't like? Is there something you have to do in order to concentrate?



My favorite part of writing is getting to live vicariously through my characters. Even when they’re going through something as horrific as drowning in a river and waking up just a tad not dead, I love experiencing it with them. No matter how bad things get I can always write them out the other side. “Real life” doesn’t always allow us that.

My least favorite part of writing is how long it takes to finish a book. I’m not very good at working on more than one project at a time because I get so deeply inside my characters’ heads while I’m writing, so I have to wait until I at least have a first draft on one thing before I can start another. That’s usually nine whole months before I can jump on the super fabulous shiny new idea that pops into my head. I’m very impatient!

I use music a lot before I write to help me get in the right zone to concentrate on what I’m sitting down to write, but while I’m writing I mostly just need silence.


3) How did you come up with the idea to write My Last Kiss?


The idea for MLK came from a Metric song called Help I'm Alive'. I was intrigued by the idea of being alive as a problem, something you’d need help for. From there I wrote chapter 1 (which is technically chapter 2) where Cassidy wakes up on the river back dead and confused. There were so many exciting/scary/romantic possibilities for where the story could go from there and I ran with it.


4) Could you tell us if you wrote something else or/and something different?


Why, yes, I have written a couple something elses that are even creeper and darker than MLK. I really hope to be able to share more about them soon because they were crazy fun to write!


5) So far, how do you think being a published writer changed your life?


It’s made me think more before I start writing something new. Now I’m concerned about what readers will think (because I have readers--yay!), and sometimes that can make creating more difficult and slow moving. I always have to remind myself that I am my reader since I’m a huge YA junkie. So if I write a book that I would read, other people will want to read it too…hopefully.


6) Now regarding My Last Kiss, what was the most fun and the most difficult to write?


Most fun was any scene with Caleb. I have a serious soft spot for that little stoner, but, for the record, I am Team Ethan all the way!

The most difficult was Cassidy’s death scene. Primarily because of the way the narrative is structured with out-of-order flashbacks, the reader only gets to learn small pieces of how she died here and there throughout the novel, but there’s so much going on on that bridge. It was a lot for me to keep straight while trying to only reveal a little at a time.


7) How would you describe your main character with only three words ?


Loving, lost & determined.


8) In your novel, is there a character you identify to? Do you have a favorite one?


I weirdly identify a lot with Madison. She internalizes most of the things that bother her or make her feel bad. I do that way too often. I think her and I need a joint therapy sesh…probably her more than me though. Sorry, Mads.

My favorite character is Cassidy just because I feel like I know her the best. I also really love Cassidy’s little sister Joules.


9) I know it's a hard question but what would you tell a potential reader to convince him or her to buy My Last Kiss ?


If you’ve ever made a decision that you wish you could take back, you need to read my book!


10) Finally I'd like to know if there are writers or books that you refer to ? And what is/are your favorite(s) book(s)?


I get really inspired to write when I’m reading a good book (and consequently uninspired when I’m reading something meh), so I have a habit of sticking with authors I can count on to inspire. They include: Megan Abbott, Shirley Jackson, Laurie Halse Anderson, A.S. King, R.L. Stine, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Edna St. Vincent Millay. There are so many others too, but that’s who I could pull out of my brain without referencing Goodreads.



Thank so much to Bethany Neal, for her time and for anwsering me so quickly. I really apreciate these answers. I hope everyone will go buy My Last Kiss. I invite you to add Bethany on Twitter (@BethDazzled ) and Goodreads, and check her website and Facebook page.

Thank you, feel free to share if you like this interview and my review of My Last Kiss 


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