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So Yesterday by Scott Westerfeld

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So Yesterday

by Scott Westerfeld

"Ever wonder who was the first kid to keep a wallet on a big chunky chain, or wear way-too-big pants on purpose? What about the mythical first guy who wore his baseball cap backwards? These are the Innovators, the people on the very cusp of cool. Seventeen-year-old Hunter Braque's job is finding them for the retail market.

But when a big-money client disappears, Hunter must use all his cool-hunting talents to find her. Along the way he's drawn into a web of brand-name intrigue-a missing cargo of the coolest shoes he's ever seen, ads for products that don't exist, and a shadowy group dedicated to the downfall of consumerism as we know

Before I start to explain how much I enjoyed this novel, I have to say I'm So Yesterday. Yeah I'm late because this book was released almost ten years ago ! But I bought it kind of randomly because I spotted this book at my favorite bookstore. I already loved Scott Westerfeld with Peeps, which became one of my favorites books of all time ! But yeah, I was intrigued to read another book of Scott Westerfeld because he is so talented. This novel is far from looking like Peeps, because it's not a paranormal book. So I was even more curious to see if his magic and his talent would touch me again with another genre. And it did ! I loved this story and all of the characters.

First, I enjoyed this story because I didn't get bored and was into the investigation all along. I think everything is well writen, original and funny. I'm not really into what's cool or not, I don't get trendset or fashion. But none of this prevented me from loving this book. On the contrary, I liked discovering or discovering again this universe. It was really fun and not what I usually read. But I must say I was surprised to love it so much. I found the plot and the characters amazing and fun, unexpected too. Hunter is so funny (it seems like it doesn't really know about it!), he is smart and cute too. I loved Jen too, we can identify to her story and her attitude. The love story was refreshing, cute and believable so it was not cheesy or anything.

While reading So Yesterday, I laughed and hold my breath, sometimes I was doing both ! And this is what I enjoyed the most : Scott's humor !

I prefer Peeps series but I was not disappointed. Everyone who loves Scott Westerfeld previous books will love this one too. I think it's also a MUST READ ! For anyone who loves John Green too !

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