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Vesper by Jeff Samspon (Deviants series)

Publié par Léatitia

I really enjoyed Vesper and here is all the reasons why !

First I have to say , In this novel, there is everything I love :rythm , suspense and actions. ( among others things ! )

I thought it was original to see the transformation of Emily , step by step, so that the reader could almost be a part of the investigation . This is something I really appreciate because my thinking was stimulated , I was not passive . The way the story is told makes it impossible to get bored. There is another aspect of the story that makes it amazing but I can't tell you. You will have to discover it just like I did. Because it is more than a story of transformation and murder ...

Now I have to tell you about the main character. Or should I say the main characters? Because our Emily Webb becomes someone else after 8pm . Her other personality is the opposite of the normal and boring Emily Webb. (boring can be good, what defines "boring" anyway?) She is fearless, doesn't care about what her classmates can think of her, especially the popular girls. But she also has to face the hunter who goes after her ... She is also more confident but wilder and much stronger than the average 16 year old girls . I can not know which of the two Emily I liked most . I think Emily of the day was touching , intelligent and I felt like I could be friend with her. I also like the other Emily because she did things that other Emily never would have dared to do, it was really funny and interesting. In the end, it was not just one superhero , but two ! It is not only this element of the novel that made ​​my reading pleasant and unforgettable. No I laughed a lot too! Some situations and references spoke to me and will appeal other geeks like me !

People in the life of Emily are also interesting . Their stories melt perfectly with Emily's life . For instance, the lack of assurance of her best friend who is afraid of losing her only friend. They are all important. Although we do not see them as often as we would like but it's okay cause we have to focus on Emily. And what about the new guy Patrick? And what about this "companion" Emily is looking for everywhere ? Let me tell you that you will be surprised !

There are so many twists and suspense . What prevented me to finish this novel in a day or two, this is simply because I have been very busy . But ultimately, this novel is complex without giving headaches either, it is catchy and does not leave your thoughts!
I can not wait to read more about Emily's story ! As soon as I finished the first book in the series , I preordered the next one Havoc.

Have a good read !

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