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The Fairytale Keeper : Avenging the Queen

Publié par Léatitia

Hi everyone !

Here is my review of The Fairytale Keeper : avenging the Queen. Book one in The Fairytale Keeper series.

Everytime I have to review a book I loved, I don't know where to start. But with The Fairytale Keeper, I think I should start with what I felt while I was reading this novel.

You know, how black and white movies make you feel, like you went back in time through decades or centuries ? Like you out of time ? Well it is exactly how I felt with The Fairytale Keeper ! It is just not about the Medieval vocabulary, or the beautiful block capitals. The characters relationship, the setting and the atmosphere made me travel. I understand this is normal, the ingredients of a great reading. But I am really impressed by how strong it is in this novel. Maybe I love it so much because I study History, I dont know. Through I don't particurly like Middle Ages, Andrea makes me love this period. Yes I can say The Fairytale Keeper succeed where my teachers failed ! I am still amazed by it even if I closed the book a few days ago !

Like I said, I really enjoy how well written this book is. At the begining, I have to admit I found it was a bit slow. What kept me reading is a) my curiosity, b) I felt so close to the main character, Adélaïde, and c) quickly I realised how compelling and original this story is. (not precisly in that order).

Now I can not tell you about this novel without saying a few words about Grimm's fairytales. I love Grimm's fairytales and am glad I could discover them again through this book. From Cinderella to less know fairytales, I find the mixt between History and Grimm's fairytales perfect. It is not too much, just enough to be relevant, fun and interesting. Characters and world's fairytales are linked in the best way.

Something else I trully enjoy is the main character. When I read a book, I often remember more the plot than the characters. Then if I think a book is really excellent, is always because I love as much the characters as I love the story in itself.

Adelaïde is brave, funny and stuborn. But not only ! She has stong values, she is smart and a bit clumsy. Of course, I felt so sad about her mother's death and how it changed her. Through the story, I saw how it made her grow up fast. Maybe we cans see it as the lost of her innocence. Her mourning is not the only thing that changes her. Because she discovers how ugly the world is, her belief in God is seriously shaken by Father Soren (one of the vilains) and what she experienced because of the illness that touches her city. Death seems to be everywhere and I felt like she was really disapointed by God.

But don't worry ! She is not alone ! She can count on her friend Ivo. Ivo is funny, good looking, really charming (closer to the prince charming than you can imagine, especially since he works in fields). He is also brave and has a heartbreaking secret. I really don't want to reveal too much but I think he is the perfect match to Adelaïde ! Her relationship with him is developping through the book and it is something believable. I will not say too much about them but you will see how important and moving they are. There are scenes I will not forget...

The other relationship important is the one of Adelaïde and her father, Ansel. He is a shoemaker and apreciated by his neighbours. Of course he is broken because of her wife's death. He and his daughter are going through a rough time. There are things that are going to get them closer but also drive them apart...

You won't be indefferent to the other characters either !

Now it is time to talk to you about what is wrong in Cologne ! Corruption seems to be everywhere ! Middle Ages is the period where devotion is a part of everyday life. Devotion is supposed to be an answer, something conforting. But it turned out to be deception, lies and atrocity.

Well I believe I told you eveything or pretty much everything that came to my mind. I am sure when you read, (because I know you will) you will find some more reasons to love this novel like I did. I look forward to read the next book. I will let you know about it release and my thoughts as soon as I know more. Don't forget, I will share my interview with Andrea this soon. I hope you enjoyed my review. I had such a great pleasure reading and talking about The Fairytale Keeper. If you want to learn more about Andrea, check out my previous article about her.

If you read this novel, I'd be glad to know your thoughts !

Enjoy your reading !

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