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Short review for a Short Story

Publié par Léatitia

Hi everyone !

Today I want to share with you one my read. I discovered this book thank to Twitter and I read the synospis. I loved it and was curious so I had to buy it. Plus It is the first book of a young writer.

Before I tell you more about it below, you should know I think this is A MUST READ !

It is exactly what I enjoy the most about books : UNIQUE !

Well... I love it !

First I have to say I had no idea that this read would be so intense.
It is not the kind of book I read so, at the beginning I was not totally into it.
But quickly I was too curious and impressed to stop my read.
It is just as good as it seems. But most of all I loved how the words created pictures in my mind. It was beautiful and orignal.

The one thing I did not like much is I wanted to know more about Ruja. But I think it is because the story really focuses on the journey and the worlds where the path leads.
And I was so moved by her story, what she finds and understands though her long and lonely journey.

I'm not an expert but I think it is truly amazing for what I believe is a first book. I wonder where Nathan Protopapas found the ideas to write this short story. I am officially amazed ! And glad I got the chance to read something I am not used to.

I hope Nathan's career is going to be a long one !

Please follow Nathan on Twitter (@calibanism ) and Goodreads and of course go read his book !

Have a good read !

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