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Stacey Jay

Publié par Léatitia

Hi everyone !


As I promised earlier, I 'm glad to talk to you about Stacey Jay, one of my favorites YA writers.

Stacey is an american writer for young adults. Since 2005, she started to write and build her career as a writer. She had a lots of jobs like professional dancer, yoga teacher or even actress ! She is really passionate about what she does and loves getting reviews from readers. So don't be shy and go share with her your opinion, I'm sure she'll try to answer as best as she can.

She wrote twelve books and there are three books series :

- Megan Berry :  You are so Undead to me ! Undead much? and Valentine's day of the undead  (a novella).


- Juliet Immortal : two retellings of Romeo & Juliet.

I read these two books series and I loved them so much !


-The last one, (to add on my bookshelf !) is Annabelle Lee: Dead on the Delta and Blood on the Bayou.

-On my list to add to my bookshelf too: My so-called death and The Locket



In September 2014, a novella was added to the story of Karen from My so-called death

I will also read Of Beast and Beauty


In december 2014, she published a new novel called : Princess of Thorns

I am really curious about it because it is not what I usually read. It is a mix between Game of Thrones and Sleeping Beauty. And I can't wait to read it too !



I love Stacey Jay's universe. I would call it "Gothic" because it often involves death and love and supernatural elements. But for those who don't enjoy this kind of universe, it should not stop you from reading Stacey. If you don't like zombies, for instance, it doesn't matter. I hate zombies, vampires are okay but creatures who eat fresh human meat... No way ! But I think Stacey Jay has reinvented the concept of the walking dead and supernatural. With Megan Berry, I enjoyed everything ! There are intense situations, funny an cute scenes. Anyway, I overcame my fear of zombies and did not regret it !


I hope you enjoyed my article and you will want to know more about Stacey and read her books. She is so talented and reading her is always fun !

Don't forget you can follow her on Twitter and Goodread and on her Facebook page.
Feel free to comment on Stacey's books. Did you read one of her books? Did you love it? Which one is your favorite? Tell me !

Have a good read !


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