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My review of Panic by Lauren Oliver

Publié par Léatitia

Where should I begin? Oh I know ! Panic ! Panic is all I love. Strong and unforgettable characters, so unique ! There are actions, suspense, love, friendship. And what I really enjoyed was the way Lauren Oliver makes us rethink life: it sense, how it changes over the years, our connexion with someone else. And of course, there is panic. Being afraid of rejection or never have what we desire. The ordeals are originals and... will leave no one indifferent. That is the least I can say ! Desire of revenge, willing to get what we desire the most and so on... I understand it is easy to cross lines when we are truly capable of anything.

Thank to Lauren Oliver and Delirium, I had became a fan of novels with multiples points of view. Here, we get to “see” the story from Heather and Dodge points of view. And it is so great and significant for good reasons. First, I got to get to know the characters differently. Then it is omniscient, it has a lot of impact on how we see what happens.

I have to admit, one of the things I loved the most about Panic is the characters.

Heather has just graduated from High School, been left by her boyfriend, who, by the way, she thinks is too good for her. Throug her break up, she can count on her best friends, Nathalie and Bishop. While reading, I admit I put myself in her shoes so easily. I loved the way she finds her strengh, whether it is about what or who she is fighting for. She is lost, brave but also terrified. I got the feeling Heather was not like any other girl, but at the same time she is a lot like us too. Sometimes she doesn't know what she wants, who she is or even where to go.

Then there is Dodge. Without saying too much, his motivations are not like Heathers'. He seeks revenge and is capable of everything. His sister, also his best friend, has been left handicaped after the finale stage of Panic two years before. He is a lonely boy, an outsider who no one notices... until he entered Panic. Through ordeals, he wins what is valuable and unbelievable. But you will see what I mean ! I like him too, he is, like Heather, not the kind of character we usually sees in books or movies. He has a strong personnality and a look you can't forget.

I even enjoyed the other characters. Vilains are where they are supposed to be, best friends are here and not forgotten. On the contrary !

I loved how Lauren gives us clues. We, readers, have to pay attention because we can understand events before the characters do. It is a normal thing but I loved that. It was an active read. I turned pages so fast and was excited, then crying and then amazed.

If you needed to be more convinced to buy and read Panic, I hope my review helped. I want everyone to read Panic and it is exactly how I feel when I've just read an amazing book. Please go find Panic and tell me if you loved it like I do. Feel free to comment on what you love about Lauren Oliver's books.

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literature review of ratio analysis 28/05/2015 14:07

When a person is truly amazing poster in all respects, it is very good. But something would really understand the book you need to read it about 5 times. Only in such moments will be aware of the fine line between the author and his readers.

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