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My next Goodreads

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Hi everyone !
Today I will introduce books I recently added to my bookshelf.
First (and because I received this book this morning) :
#1 Panic by Lauren Oliver.
I'm sure all of you, if you haven't read, have heard of Delirium and Lauren Oliver's trilogy.
Panic is quite different from Delirium and I can't wait to start reading it ! I am sure I will love it. Lauren Oliver is one of those writers I utterly love ! She takes time to answer her readers, make videos and communicate as much as she can. She understands how important it is to us, readers. It's really too bad I can't meet with her since I live in France. I would have enjoyed a little chat around a coffee and books.
As soon as I read Panic, you will have here my review and on Goodreads !
#2 Undead much? by Stacey Jay
Stacey Jay is also one of my favorites writers. She has a lot of books behind her. This one is the number 2 in Megan Berry' series. I loved the first one (You are so undead to me). I first discovered Stacey with her retelling of Romeo & Juliet. It was so compelling and it is another series (2 books) you have to discover !
Undead Much is followed by a short (story?) book (82 pages).
#3 The Fault in our Stars by John Green
I know I'm late. I mean, everyone has already read this novel. If like me you have not, please try it ! My friends told me what a great book it is and the only reason I have not read it yet, it is because, I admit I was afraid to like it too much. I will see if I am right but I am pretty sure I will cry from the begining to the end. That is just me !
No need to introduce John Green , right? But if you need more information, you could check his tweeter and his others books. (I loved so much Looking for Alaska !)
This is it ! I will read mor novels but this is my selections. If I fall in love with a book I have not mention yet, I will make sure you know about it !
Any of you have read or intend to read my selection of the month?
What do you think of these writers? Do you like it? Do you want to discover them?

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