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My Interview with Jordan Locke

Publié par Léatitia

Hi everyone !

I feel lucky and honored to share with you my first interview. I had the chance to ask questions to a talented writer. I hope you will love this interview as much as I do. Here you will get to know an author and his first book.

Enjoy !

1) Could you introduce yourself with a few words?

I’m married with two daughters. A graphic designer by day, at night you will usually find me working on my next novel.

2) How did you know you wanted to become a writer? Is there a story behind it?

One day, a scene popped into my head. I thought it would make an interesting book or movie, wrote five pages and stuck it in a drawer. Four years later, I thought about how that book would begin, and the ideas started flowing. I had to write them down. I haven’t been able to stop writing since.

3) What kind of books do you read and write? Do you have a book or a writer you can refer to?

I started writing novels for adults but switched to young adult because I thought my voice was more suited to a younger audience. The Harry Potter series really got me enjoying literature.

4) Do you have a special habit when you write, something you have to do in order to concentrate for example?

I tend to write after the kids are in bed. I can concentrate best when it’s quiet, no music, no TV.

5) Which part of the process of writing do you prefer?

I like all of it, actually—crafting the first draft, editing, even getting critiqued. I guess my favorite part is using my imagination to create new worlds and characters.

6) Where do you find inspiration?

Everywhere—movies, books, everyday life.

7) Could you tell us a few words about your experience with self-publication?

I decided to self-publish The Only Boy after my agent was unable to sell it because of a glut in the genre. The whole process was surprisingly quick and cheap. It certainly helped being a designer, being able to create the cover and format the pages.

8) Do you identify with your characters, in The Only Boy for instance?

I guess the character I would identify most with is Taylor. Like him, I often felt like an outsider in school and was awkward around the opposite sex.

9) Please pick three words to describe each of your two main characters.

Taylor is quiet, uneasy and tentative. Mary is curious, determined and rebellious.

10) Without saying too much, could you tell us if the end of The Only Boy was obvious to write? Did you have another end in mind?

I rewrote the final confrontation with the antagonist a few times, but the very end, the epilog, came naturally.

11) Last question: what would you tell a potential reader to make convince him or her buy The Only Boy?

That’s tough for me to answer because it’s impossible for me to judge my own writing. All I can say is that I have been getting good reviews and feedback from readers. If you like complicated love stories with a lot of twists and turns, you might want to give The Only Boy a look.

I hope you liked this interview and you will be curious about The Only Boy. You can still find the link to his blog and my review in my previous articles. And you can find Jordan Locke on Twitter and Goodreads.

I would have loved to make this interview in person, around a cofee or whatever Jordan drinks. But it's already awesome, I am so glad that Jordan took time to answer me. I would like to say I made this interview only for his readers and future readers or for him, but it was also for me, with pleasure !

Thank you again Jordan ! Good luck for your career ! I wish you the best !

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