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Megan Berry by Stacey Jay

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Hello everyone ! 




Today, I'm glad to talk to you about one of my favorite series : Megan Berry by Stacey Jay. There are three books : You are so undead to me, Undead much? and Valentine's day of the undead, a novella.  I would love to read more about Megan but I loved everything about these books. Here are a few reasons why you SHOULD read this series too.



                                                               (book #1)

You are so undead to me is the first book in the Megan Berry series. It introduces us into the world of Megan Berry, a zombie settler. She leads a troubled life when "normal" zombies who need her so they can rest in peace. "Normal" zombies, meaning those who won't eat your flesh. But of course, it is not the big threat that makes Megan's life even harder than it already is. (For example, how could she have a love life when zombies keep ruining her dates?) She has to discover who is raising zombies in order to save her High School. Plus, she apparently looks guilty and has to prove her innocence. On her way to save her city and High School, she finds new ally such as her former best friend, Ethan, who grew up to be boyfriend material...

When I started reading this book, I thought "This is amazing !", I wasn't entirely sure I would love it, partly because I hate zombies and bought this book because I loved Stacey's previous books. So it was a really good surprise. I was amazed by how easily I fell in love with a story where walking deads are involved. (Yeah I really really can't bear zombies) But as I said in my previous article, this story is not only about zombies. Deep, sweet and funny characters makes it an intense and unforgettable novel.There's a lot of suspens and actions, I was never bored.

Megan is trying so hard to be a normal teenager but school's activities and social life is hard to have when you must lie and take care of dead people everyday.
I think she is truly the girl we all are inside. It is so easy to get her and agree with her. She seems to care about stupid things when she actually just wants to forget about death and drama. She is funny, determined (among other qualities) and sometimes she lacks of confidence but finds her strength in what she believes in. I can say Megan is behaving like human whereas she is special and "gifted". While the story unfolds, she has to make tough decisions. She is the kind of hero I love and want to know more about. (Two novels is not enough, I want more !) One thing I really loved about her and these books, is how she speaks, how it is written. She has her own way to speak, her personnality is readable through how Stacey made her think and talk. It is something I find very interesting and unique.

Well, I'm not going to tell you more about Megan' stories because I'm afraid of saying too much. But believe me, there is plenty of reasons to start reading Megan Berry' series. Even if you don't like zombies and death atmosphere, you will love this series. You will laugh and maybe cry. Emotions and intensity are waiting for you. I highly recommand you to read Stacey Jay's books, especially this series, but I'm sure you can find among her novels some topics you love. Her books are one of the reasons why I love YA lit so much !


           (book #2)                       (book #2.5)

Don't forget to follow Stacey Jay on GoodreadsTwitter and Facebook ! And if you loved my review or want to discuss about Stacey Jay's books, please comment ! I would be glad to hear about your thoughts.

Thank you and have a good read !

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