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Coming soon ?!

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Hi everyone !
In the next few days, I will publish my first interview with a writer ! I'm so excited and glad he said yes.
Before I create this blog, I asked this writer if he would share our interview. He said that basically what I wanted to do was a blogger thing. And that's when I realized I could create my blog and share my love for books. So thank you Jordan !
We kind of met on Twitter, he followed me and then I followed him back because, well... I am curious ! Plus I went to see what his first book was about and I LOVED IT ! I loved it even before I read it. It made me want to know more about him so I discovered his own blog where he shares about his experience as a writer and things relative to books and writing.
Again I loved it !
It was so great to read about topics I could understand as a budding writer.
A couple of weeks after, I finally bought The Only boy. I couldn't stop reading and I finished this novel in less than 24h. I will publish the review I made on Goodreads later and you'll see how much I enjoyed this read !
I shared my review with Jordan because I thought he would be glad to see that his work had another fan.
I was thinking it would be a shame if I didn't share this book. But the problem is, my friends mostly read in French, so does my mother.
Because Jordan decided to self publish his first book, it will be hard to make it translate quickly. And add to that there are so much books (great books like The Only boy) which will never be translated. Also a shame, right?
So I kind of made it a mission for me to talk also about these books.
So what do you think? Do you read books in English like I do or wait until his translation? Is it stopping you from reading a book you know you would love?

And what about you English readers ? Do you realize how lucky you are?! And what do you think about self published writers?

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